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Lash Lift

 The latest trend in lashes. Everyone wants one, and everyone want to know how, this new/ old technology works. Back in the 80’s we called them “Lash Perms.” Now with new technology, and added keratin to strengthen your lashes…Once again old is made new. Yes, I had, and performed lash lifts back in the day, and I can honestly say this is probably the best reinvention in our industry I have seen. Many clients want to give there lashes a break from extensions and choose a lash lift as alternative. A lash lift gives you the allusions of extra long lashes because the curl expose each and every lash in perfect formation. No more combing to separate them, no more harsh lash curls either.  So,… what does this process look like? Its like taking a “lash nap.”  Laying down with your eyes closed a small round tube is placed at your lash line. ( the same place you would place your eyeliner, at the root of your top lash line). Your lashes are then combed upward , separated and glued with a temporary Keratin infused adhesive to the tube at your lash line. A perm solution is then applied to the root of your lashes, timed, rinsed and then neutralized. This process takes approximately 20/ 30 minutes. After the lift is completed you may also choose to tint your lashes for added depth. The result is always impressive. Like many services in our industry “timing” is everything. Factors such as hair texture, hormones, age,  and medical can affect the timing process. Make sure to be honest with your lash technician for the best results. There is always new technology, or in this case old technology being reinvention in the beauty industry. This is why even after all the years I still have a passion for my career. Always educating, growing,  and happy to share it with all of you.Ami Christianson 


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