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Ingredient Spotlight: Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is widely known for its soothing and healing properties, a staple for soothing sunburns, but where does it come from and what else is it used for? Learn all about this wonderful skincare ingredient.

Where does Aloe Vera come from?

Aloe Vera is a succulent plant that grows in Africa, Mexico, South America, India and part of North America. Aloe Vera Gel, found inside the leaves, is used in food, skincare and makeup. You can grow your own aloe at home! It gets it scientific name, Aloe Barbadensis, from Barbados where it was grown and harvested for its yellow sap.

Benefits of Aloe Vera in Skincare

Aloe is a strong anti-inflammatory which heals and hydrates inflamed skin. Aloe Vera exhibits the ability to stimulate collagen and elastin synthesis and aid in the removal of dead skin cells. It’s often used to treat cuts, grazes, burns and insect bites.

  • Treats sunburn and inflammation. While the jury is out on whether or not Aloe Vera heals burns faster, it does address the inflammation in sunburned skin, provide much needed hydration and repair damage to epidermal cells.
  • Hydrates. Aloe Vera soaks into the skin to add hydration, but it’s important to follow with a moisturizer to seal it in. Better yet, use a moisturizer formulated with aloe to get 2-in-1.
  • Fights aging. Aloe Vera stimulates collagen and elastin synthesis and aids in the removal of dead skin cells.
  • Aloe Vera in Skincare
  • by glo Editorial Team
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