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Introducing "My Color" by Retro Hair

So Many Reasons To book at One Bridal

1Up Style

2Cascading Hair

3Air Brush Makeup

4Bridal Parties


6Lash Extensions

7Eye Brow Shaping

8Waxing Body & Face

9Copper Bowl Pedi’s


11Spray Tanning

12Hair Extensions

13Organic Color

14Keratin Smoothing

One Bridal Co.& Spa

It’s YOUR day. You are The ONE. Allow us make you Beautiful!

Saying “I do” is is undoubtedly one of the most important decisions a bride will make on their wedding day, but choosing the right stylist & makeup artist to accompany their wedding dress comes in pretty close to second.

At One Bridal Co we take the time to get to know your personal style. Are you traditional, funky, modern or classic? As Bridal Stylists we feel it is our job to understand who YOU are and translate that vision YOU have into our Hair Styling & Makeup Artistry.

Most importantly we CARE about you, and recognize the importance of your beauty on your wedding day.

We always make sure you’re ABSOLUTELY in Love with your look.
We communicate with you as we work, making sure every detail is meeting your expectations.

Lavish Lash at One Salon


Lavish Lashes FAQ

What are Lavish Lashes?

Lavish Lashes are an exciting product that was developed and invented in East Asia. Lavish Lashes are individual lash extensions that are bonded to your own natural eyelash.

What are Lavish Lashes made out of?

The Lavish Lashes product line is made of a synthetic material especially designed to bond to a human eyelash if used with the appropriate bonding agent.

Should I do anything to prepare for my lash application?

Yes, please refrain from wearing any eye makeup the day of treatment and remove your contacts if you wear them.

How should I care for my lashes?

Use a water based eye makeup remover. No steam, hot showers, swimming or rubbing in the first 24 hours.

How long will they last?

They should last 2.5 to 3 weeks before you need a touch-up. This depends greatly on how you treat them.

Source: glowbeautyb


Industrial Length Extensions at One Salon

Caj Hairdressing Long Brunette Hair

Industrial Lengths Hair Extensions use an invisible, easy to apply, tape-in system. You will achieve the look you have always desired while simultaneously thickening/ lengthening hair and restoring life to your natural hair.

Our method ensures full support with complete flexibility, causing no tension breakage or drag, promotes healthy hair and requires no heat for application or removal. Industrial Lengths uses 100% Remy human hair; meaning that the hair is individually selected and aligned in a unidirectional fashion to preserve the cuticles and keep them in tact. Our hair is never stripped, creates healthy, beautiful hair lasting for up to 3 months if maintained properly. Hair extensions are available in 14 shades, delivered with a standard length of 18-22in. and can be ordered in straight and wavy.

Call today for a consultation 630.587.0111


Pumpkin & Berry Facial at One Salon

Pumpkin Facial

Glo Therapeutics offers a systematic approach to treat multiple skin care concerns. Utilizing innovated technology and cutting edge science our treatments will clinically transform your skin, along with chemical exfoliates that are designed to rejuvenate and refine your skin.

Fall Special:

Pumpkin & Berry Facial Only $75

Package of 3 only $150

Best for normal, dry, and aging skin.

Call Cassie at 630.715.8423 to make an appointment!


Get me Home For Christmas!

2015 August Seth 30

Donate $1 to our local animal shelters to be entered to win this Enjoy Gift Basket- a value of over $150. Like us on Facebook: One Salon & Bridal Co. The winner will be announced on December 31st. 2015 August Seth (30)

Introductory Lash Special

Mel Lash

Recently Certified by Lavish Lash, Melanie is offering an introductory special:

Only $200 for a full set and first 2 week fill.

A total of $100 in savings!

Please allow up to three hours for your first appointment.

Contact Melanie Harmon at 630-913-8950

Mel LashMel Lashes

Anti-Aging Guide

Healthy Young Skin
  1. Shrink your pores: Your pores expand as gunk accumulates in them-the older you get, the more likely they are to stay expanded. Put them on a diet by switching to a cleanser with salicylic acid. It helps slough away dead skin that can lead to clogging.
  2. Let it rip: Deflate and clean pores-like the ones on your nose-once a week with pore strips.
  3. Get more beauty sleep: If you go to bed 15 minutes earlier for four nights running, you’ll establish a routine where you get an extra hour of dark circle-zapping rest. For your best shot at the necessary eight hours, quit the coffee after 3pm and avoid exercising in the three hours before bedtime.
  4. Pile on the antioxidants: They’re among the best weapons against pollution and sun. The most potent are CoffeeBerry, idebenone, green tea, pomegranate and Coenzyme Q10. Whichever antioxidant is in your arsenal, arm yourself every morning for all day protection.
  5. Wipe out dark spots: Wrinkles may be the classic sign of aging, but studies show that most people view mottled skin as even older-looking. The good news: dark spots can be faded in as little as a month. The magic ingredient is hydroquinone, and should be dabbed directly onto brown spots every night.
  6. Brighten up: As we age, cell turnover slows and dead skin cells pile up all over our face. Whisk them away twice a week with an at-home glycolic acid peel.
  7. Don’t forget your neck and hands: They’re the body parts most likely to betray the age that’s on your passport even when your face doesn’t Get them on the same daily maintenance program as your face, with sunscreen every morning and retinol at night. Dab hydroquinone on sunspots, and exfoliate twice a week. healthy-young-skinsource: allure

Now Offering Kelley Baker Brow Products

Fab Four

The True Art of Perfect Brows

  1. Angle Spooly Brush: For precise and uniform powder distribution, the angle end of this essential tool is the first brow brush made with 100% DuPont Natrafil filaments, a synthetic alternative to animal bristles. Kelley Designed the precise thickness, stiffness and angle to create a reliable, durable, and user friendly brush.
  2. Brow Powder in Brown or Blonde: For a delicate and natural brow, Kelley uses dry powder; for a striking darker result, the powder may be applied wet. Available in two universal shades: brown for brunettes, black hair and dark blondes seeking a dramatic look, and blonde, ideal for blondes, redheads, and those with light grey hair.
  3. Highlighter Brush: A brush for blending and defining? Yes. This brush effortlessly blends the “Magic Stick” and helps to define it into the most seamless line under the brow. Try to believe it.
  4. Highlighter pencil aka “Magic Stick”: Kelley’s clients call this the “Magic Stick”. It’s a miracle worker that creates a bright-eyed look by applying under the brows to instantly lift and define. The Highlighter is a soft, creamy universal shade. Works for ALL skin tones- from the fairest to the darkest.  Fab-Four

Don’t miss our adoption event!

It came up quick! No Tricks Just Treats is happening THIS WEEKEND! October 10th 11am-4pm. There will be a raffle. There will be cuteness.

Chief is a ballersee our Facebook Event Page for more info.

No Tricks Just Treats Adoption Event

Chief is a baller

Be advised of our date/time change! Due to puppies’… attention spans, our event has been changed to Saturday October 10th from 11am-4pm. We are less than one mile west of scarecrow fest, located at 930 West Main Street, in Saint Charles- so swing on by!

Come find your new best friend and save a life! Don’t shop- Adopt!

All ages welcome, free admission.

Featuring Rover Rescue, Anderson Animal Shelter, Players for Pits, and International Street Dog Foundation

Call 630-587-0111 with any questions.

Complete Hair Treatment at One Salon

Beautiful Hair


Enhance health, reveal natural beauty, and give new life to your hair with Complete Hair Treatment.

It’s everything your hair needs in one bottle.

  • Enhances smoothness
  • Provides lasting shine
  • Improves hair strength
  • Infuses moisture
  • Prevents split ends
  • Protects against heat
  • Controls frizz
  • Detangles hair
  • Gives overall manageability
  • Increases natural body

It does everything but the dishes! Give it a try at One Salon.

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