FAQ – Keratin Smoothing

Keratin Smoothing - FAQS
Well, we've got all the answers!

FAQ’s about this revolutionary therapy that reduces frizz and curl and instantly adds amazing shine, silkiness and condition to the hair. The results are astounding. Clients rave that “this is a life-changing experience”. Hair is more manageable, smoother and easier to style than ever before. It is perfect on all types of hair – including color treated and chemically processed hair!

What is Keratin Complex Natural Keratin Smoothing Treatment?
How much time should be allowed for each treatment?
What results can be expected after the treatment?
Can hair be colored before the treatment?
Can the treatment be done on chemically treated hair, previously relaxed or straightened hair?
Can the hair be pulled back or clipped up during the 72-hour waiting period?
What should be done if the hair gets wet during the 72-hour waiting period? ?
What kind of shampoo and conditioner should be used?
How often can the treatment be done?
Is the re-application of the treatment done on the entire head or just on the new growth?
How long will the treatment last?
Should the hair be cut before or after the treatment?
Can the treatment be done on pregnant or nursing women?
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