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Bridal before and after by Ami


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May 21 #2


Anti-Aging Guide

  1. Shrink your pores: Your pores expand as gunk accumulates in them. The older you get the more likely they are to stay expanded. Put them on a diet by switching to a cleanser with salicylic acid. It helps slough away dead skin that can lead to clogging.
  2. Let it rip: Deflate and clean pores- like the ones on your nose- once a week with pore strips
  3. Get more beauty sleep
  4. Pile on the Antioxidants: They’re among the best weapons against pollution and sun.

Soon offering Spa Services

Follow our blog and web site for exciting news about our new spa services.

Julia and Joshs Wedding

Please take a moment to look at these beautiful newly weds. Hair and Makeup by One Bridal Company 🙂

Tips for Growing out your Bangs

Avoid cutting your bangs! You will just become more frustrated in the end.

Keep your hair hydrated. Moisture will help prevent more breakage.

Choose a new part. Switch from being parted in the middle to a side so that as they grow out you can try a cute side bang. Also to train them to go in a certain direction.

Use a cute pin to keep your bang out of your face.

No matter the length that you are growing out you can always use a thin headband to keep growing bangs off your face

This is the time for you to perfect your braid. Braiding your bang into the rest of your hair is a fun trendy way to keep your hair chic.

Spring Make Up Trends

  • Bright Orange lipstick
  • Blue Eye Shadow
  • Cat Eyes (eye liner)
  • Ethereal White eye shadow and liner
  • Gilded Eyes (metallic effect)
  • Glowing skin , try an Illuminator
  • A pop of Green shadows

Spring 2014 Hair Trends

Low Ponytail- Super slick and secured at the nape of your neck

For damaged hair try a Keratin Treatment

Try a headband or 2!

Bobs are back

You can never go wrong with a Pixie

Braid a Foxy Fishtail

Effortless topknot

Anderson Animal Shelter

One Salon is a proud sponsor of Anderson Animal Shelter. Help us support Anderson Animal Shelter by making a donation at One Salon and Bridal Company in the month of February. Simply add your donation of $5.00 to your payments, we pass, and match your donation to the shelter. We will be hosting and supporting many events in the future in the support of Anderson Animal Shelter. We are grateful for your support.  

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