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6 Makeup Tips for the Best Wedding Photos

  1. Take care of your skin. Makeup can do many magical things, but it all begins with skincare. Makeup creates texture on the skin, so starting with clear, nourished, hydrated skin means ending with an even, smooth look. Amanda Castillo, makeup artist at The Club at Bella Collina, says hydration is the key for a flawless makeup application. “A quick spritz of a hydrating spray like glo minerals Moist Hydration Mist before applying your makeup will help rehydrate and plump up the skin. A light mist following your makeup application will set your minerals in place, leaving you confident it will have all day staying power.”
  2. Plan your photography destinations in advance with your photographer. Are you and the groom shooting indoors under dim, artificial lighting, or will you take pictures outside in natural light (or both!)? Not only will lighting affect the look of your photos and the equipment your photographer needs, but it will also alter the way your makeup looks. Daylight has a way of exposing imperfections, anything from unblended brush strokes to mismatched foundation. Have your bridesmaids bring a bridal makeup kit with blotting papers and a pressed powder to touch up on the big day. And remember, when the family and bridal party photoshoot wraps, there will still be plenty of photo-worthy moments during the reception.
  3. Take test pictures at your makeup trial. Book a bridal makeup trial 3 to 4 weeks before your wedding to give both you and your makeup artist the opportunity to decide what colors and formulas will work best for your skin type and complexion. Trials usually cost extra, but it’s a good opportunity to land on the best makeup for wedding pictures. A picture is worth a thousand words, so have your artist take photos of you with and without flash. Be sure to get some shots in the daylight if you and your photographer are planning outdoor photos. If you look shiny, sallow or washed out, you may need to adjust a few key elements.
  4. Add some color to your cheeks and lips. A wedding dress is a whole bunch of white, so it’s important to balance it out with soft color on the cheeks and lips, especially for brides with fair skin.
  5. Define your brows. Adding color to your brows might seem like an unimportant thing, but eyebrows frame the face, giving it structure. The best makeup for wedding pictures should enhance you and your bridal party’s natural beauty. Respect your natural brow shape, only extending the tail if needed, and select a color slightly darker than your natural hair color. It’s a small step that makes all the difference!
  6. Apply 10 percent more product than you would usually wear. Using a little extra foundation creates that perfect finish and coverage needed for flawless wedding photographs. The best foundation for wedding photos is the one that looks like your skin perfected.

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Keeping a Natural Look on Your Wedding Day


Go easy on the eyes.

Black mascara and eyeliner is the most popular, but if you’re not accustomed to wearing eye makeup, it can look softer and more subtle to use a deep grey or dark brown instead. Try Precise Micro Eyeliner in charcoal or black/brown.

Select a few features to highlight.

One of the keys to keeping a more natural look is to avoid trying too many things at once. Start with your favorite features. You can play up your eyes with some false lashes but keep the lip soft and sweet, or make your skin glow with a little bronzer and keep the eyes minimal.

Be descriptive with your makeup artist.

“Natural wedding makeup” can mean a thousand different things, so instead of telling your makeup artist you want your bridal makeup to look natural, describe what you like and dislike about makeup looks. Do you want a warm glow? Do you hate the feel of sticky lip products? Be descriptive and bring pictures of examples.

Don’t try anything new on the big day.

Your wedding day is not the time to rock a new lip color! It’s incredibly important to book a trial appointment with your makeup artist before the wedding so you can select the right colors and test out your wedding makeup. One luxury of doing your own makeup is the ability to thoroughly test products ahead of time and as many times as you want!

Avoid dramatic lip colors.

Skip the reds and berries, and create a timeless look by selecting a lipstick that’s just a couple shades darker than your own lip color. Our picks are Suede Matte Crayon in monogram or trademark for fair to medium skin tones or demure for medium to dark skin tones. If you dislike the feeling of wearing lip products, avoid anything with a thick or glossy texture.

To create a stained look, lightly blot a lipstick against your lips to deposit sheer color, then finish the look with a layer of lip balm. If you’re tempted to go bold, give your lip color a test run at another event leading up to the wedding – like a bridal shower or bachelorette party. If you look back at the pictures and think, “Who is that person?” it’s probably not a shade you’ll want to wear on the big day.

Select makeup that feels good on your skin.

Avoid heavy cosmetics! Makeup that feels natural on your skin will keep you from worrying about how you look, especially if you don’t wear much (or any) makeup on a regular basis. Avoid powders with Talc, which can not only feel heavy but also settle into fine lines.

And lastly, remember that there are no rules! Your natural wedding makeup look should be true to you and your version of natural. Don’t let anyone talk you into (or bully you out of) anything.

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Summer Skincare Tips!


Don’t let your skincare take a vacation this summer! Read these tips to protect your skin and perfect your summer skincare routine.

1. Cool off with a face mist.

Mists are amazing because they set your makeup and hydrate your skin. Pack a face mist in your bag and give yourself a quick spritz for a refreshing cool down during the day.

2. Wear SPF… on your lips!

Suncare is a must, but don’t neglect your lips. Like the area around the eyes, the skin on the lips is also thin and delicate. Look for a lip balm or lipstick with SPF. Apply every morning and reapply every two hours.

3. Apply SPF to your hands and décoletté.

We often forget to apply SPF to all exposed skin.Think about how much sun exposure your hands, forearms, chest and neck get on a daily basis. The backs of the hands and the décoletté are often the first areas to show signs of aging because of this.

4. Don’t skip the moisturizer.

In the summer heat, every layer on the skin feels heavier. It’s tempting to cut corners, but skipping your moisturizer could lead to dehydrated skin. Dehydrated skin often overproduces oil to compensate for the dryness, the exact opposite of what you want. Instead of leaving this step behind, use a lightweight moisturizer or a moisturizer/sunscreen combo in the morning.

5. Wear makeup that offers sun protection.

Combine the power of a sunscreen with a foundation that also has SPF to make sure you’re getting good coverage. First, apply your favorite sunscreen to the face until absorbed. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, you should apply a nickel-sized dollop of sunscreen to the face alone. Follow it with your base. Set the look with a finishing powder to help your foundation stay put.

6. Get a faux glow.

There’s no such thing as a safe tan. Use a temporary body bronzer or sunless tanner for that back-from-the-beach glow you crave. Add color to your face makeup with bronzer and warm tone shadows. Follow our bronze glow makeup tutorial for the perfect summer makeup look.

7. Treat body acne.

Body acne can be frustrating to treat. Stick to loose fitting tops that won’t rub or irritate the blemishes on the chest and back, and avoid wearing tight, sweaty gym clothes too long after a workout. Try a daily acne-fighting body spray to fight back acne and body blemishes. On clean, dry skin, mist your skin with the acne treatment and let it dry before putting on your clothes.

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