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Don’t Forget about the Groom!

• Grooming! Hair should be neat and beards should be trimmed or faces freshly shaven.

• Skincare is for everyone! We would not want our brides nor our grooms to be dry or flakey. Please exfoliate and moisturize. Don’t forget to use sunscreen. No one wants to be red or peeling on their wedding day!

• Also Groom Touch-ups are not at all uncommon. In fact, they are one of our most requested add-on services. Concealer for dark circles and a bit powder for shine on hot days will go a long way in your pictures.

Tips from Sonia Roselli


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We Quite Enjoyed our ‘Enjoy’ Class

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One Salon is now trained in product knowledge and use of Enjoy Professional Hair Care Products.

All Enjoy products are sulfate-free, pH balanced and stable. This is their guarantee to you for longer lasting and more vibrant color while improving the health of your hair.

‘But this is science talk!’, you say…

Sulfate-free means that all Enjoy products do not contain cleansing agents that are stronger than needed for healthy cleansing of hair and skin.

pH Balanced guarantees that all Enjoy products closely match our natural pH level, and are gentle on your hair and skin.

pH Stable means that the levels of pH in all Enjoy products are guaranteed to stay balanced for up to two years, keeping your products fresh and effective!

Welcoming Glo Minerals Contouring Kit

Sculpt and define. Illuminate and Brighten.

This contouring palette feature four powder shades to enhance feature and create dimension. Whether softly subtle or more dramatically chiseled, these blendable and buildable formulas allow you to create a customized contour statement.

This product will be available next month.

When Bridesmaids are selecting their hairstyle, what are some things they should consider before making their final selection?

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One of the best ways to get started is by choosing a hairstyle that fits with the overall look that the couple has chosen for their wedding day. Ask yourself: Does having my long hair down, obscure the back details of my dress? Can I see those fabulous earnings my friend purchased for me to wear? Make sure you create a look that is cohesive, as well as shows off the personalized details that the bride has incorporated into the day.

• Also consider what makes you comfortable in your own skin (and hair for that matter). If you never wear your hair up or never straighten your curly hair, would you do so on your friend’s wedding day? We advise sticking with looks that fit your personal style.



Tips from Sonia Roselli.

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